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I m using all Neem & Tea Tree range products since couple of months now. The results are amazing. I haven't had any better products so far to treat my oily & acne prone skin. My skin is much clearer now & no more acne :)
Results are not quick as these are natural herbal products. You will have to use it patiently & regularly at least 2-3 months. No adverse effects as other synthetic acne care products.

Yashoda N

De-Stress Balm is so good product to use. I really recommend for all to buy it.

Emma Ross

I love De-stress Roll-on and the Body Elixir as well. These are part of my self love rituals. Beautiful smells & makes me feel calm.

Alice Rabecca

I use White Rose Facial Cleansing Gel everyday. It smells Amazing, gentle but cleanse very well. Definitely recommended to anyone who is looking for a natural facial cleanser which do not damage your skin over the time. I used this brand when I was in UK & I m so glad that I can now get it in NZ as well.

Emmy Lesly

It feels like a luxury product but is at an affordable price. Love them so much & the packaging and velvet bag. They also make lovely gifts. I m in so love with Sleep Intense dream balm.

Serana Warren

I've used white rose cleansing gel for over 2 months now and it feels pretty great on the skin. Specially good for sensitive and dry skin since it is gel based. Has a bit of sweet fragrance too. A gentle cleanser indeed.


Can't speak highly enough

I cannot speak highly enough about Spa Ceylon products and my favourite especially is the De-stress Calming Body Elixir. It has the most amazing scent and immediately takes me to a calm state. Its just exquisite. Takes me back to our amazing holiday in Sri Lanka, where I first came across these amazing Spa Ceylon products.

Robyn De La Haye - Oct 18, 2023

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